We offer our customers innovative ideas realized in personalized services using the most modern computer architectures.
Our Service of Analysis, Study, Design and Development of IT solutions is carried out on the basis of the specific needs of the Customer so that it can also be integrated into existing systems.

We create ad hoc projects in the field of management Web App, E-commerce, Mobile Apps, CRM / ERP, Ticket Management / Help Desk management systems also integrated with VoIP call centers and IoT solutions for production control and / or data collection. / or logistics.

By using open source solutions, the customer can save on software license costs.

Information systems: Management, Web, Mobile App & E-commerce

Based on the most modern middleware and framework platforms, we design and develop Management Systems and E-commerce, able to export services easily integrated into information systems and customer processes, enriching alphanumeric data also with geographic, documentary and other specific data. from IoT devices even in real time. Starting from this core, we provide customized systems tailored to the needs of individual customers, who can operate in the cloud or directly in the customer’s data center. Everything will be usable with smart-devices (smartphones, tables, etc.) through dedicated Apps and responsive web interfaces.

Datawarehouse – Datamart & Business Intelligence

We design datamart and data warehouse for the realization of systems starting from existing data bases restructuring and enriching them (data-quality & data-fusion). The aim is to improve data quality, certification and information search through advanced tools, such as browsing data through OLAP systems. Based on our experiences we are able to realize business intelligence systems to query the databases partially and completely reorganizing the data in a dynamic way and relate them to each other to facilitate reuse according to the principles of “Linked Open Data”, the results can be viewed , printed and saved in different formats (excel, pdf, open source, xml, txt, …) both in alphanumeric and graphical format, and on map.


Site and Web portal

We develop websites and portals based on the requests and objectives to be achieved. We support clients in the initial analysis, graphic design (web design), programming (web development), content (web writing), web marketing and SEO. We follow all the phases of the project from beginning to end, to be sure of the final result, completing the relationship with maintenance services, updates and development.




Call Center – Help Desk services managemet ITIL

Using open source systems, such as OTRS, we realize ITSM / Ticket Management solutions compliant with ITIL standards, which allow us to provide support services on our own behalf or on behalf of third parties. They can be collected, classified and managed: requests for action, receipt of calls, appointment management, opening of tickets to both suppliers and customers, reminders, estimates and surveys with alerts and activity history. Everything will be integrated or integrated into the ERP / CRM information systems already present at the Customer.




We can support any training need both using e-learning and classroom mode. We guarantee various training services, such as the updating of personnel regarding the adoption in the company of new procedures and innovative applications (upgrades within the new versions of operating systems and software, use of new applications dictated by organizational or expansive needs, etc.). ), the organization of courses for the intermediate and advanced use of software (in the field of office automation, internet browsing, graphics and web-publishing), the training of staff to the use of customized software created specifically by our development sector .