IdeaaS stands for Innovation Developmet Engineering as a Service.
We are an innovative start-up.
Our core business is to help companies in the process of modernization and innovation within the digital transformation and process automation, using the most modern and innovative cloud services on the market, making them truly applicable within their processes and information systems already active . To do this, we use and integrate more traditional solutions such as web and mobile apps, ERP systems with modern cognitive cloud services and the IoT. The skills and experience in the company allow us to range in many productive and technological fields, so we consider the value of the know-how of our collaborators as fundamental and the contribution that each of them can make in terms of innovation.


We collaborate with our customers to find the best ideas to support their business and to improve process efficiency and effectiveness. Through consulting activities, the company offers the study and design of customized solutions, tailored to the needs of the client and his needs. When it is necessary to automate some procedures and want to reduce costs by finding alternative solutions, a customized information system is the solution.


Aware of the value of know-how and the need for business processes to be adequate to achieve the objectives, we offer services for the realization of studies aimed at optimizing the management of companies, bodies and consortia, cooperatives, through organization, restructuring and control interventions management, financial planning, quantitative-quality control of production and related costs. In addition, we also provide training and consultancy activities in the fields of information technology, automation and organization, in response to any customer requests. We design IoT systems based on the main platforms and AI that we integrate with the cloud in our web APP and smartdevice.

as a Service

Our software systems are preferably developed in the cloud. We apply ITIL, service desk, Agile and other best practices.